We Have a Home!

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.Psalm 28:7

The Lord has answered our prayers. He has more than answered our prayers. After our discouraging experience in the previous post we decided to visit our back-up plan, our last resort – an apartment complex near Lahaina that allows dogs and advertises on Craigslist every single day. This place comforted us, to know that if nothing else, we would at least be able to live here. We talked with a nice, young guy at Sunset Terrace. Within the first 2 minutes of being there our back-up plan was shot. Absolutely no dogs over 40 lbs. Mochi is 45 lbs, and they require documentation of his weight, so there was no getting around it. After our bad experience on Craigslist and our backup plan being destroyed, we were suddenly hit with a refreshing wave of kindness. This guy proceeded to spend 45 minutes looking through Craigslist for us. Of course we had been constantly browsing Craigslist, but always with the “allows dogs” filter on. Instead of doing that, he suggested looking through every post to see what they say about pets, since they do not always check the “allows dogs” option. He was able to find us 3 possibilities that we may have never found otherwise. One of these places, just from a quick glance at the pictures on his computer screen, we knew would be perfect for us.

We walked into the house and knew right away it was our dream place. The landlord was so nice and welcoming. When she informed us she had 15 other applicants, our hearts sunk a little bit, but we left feeling we had made a good impression and had done all we could to let her know how much we loved the cottage. Our stomachs were in knots all day and we barely slept a wink last night. When we woke early this morning, we read in our inbox, “The cottage is yours!”




Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

Isaiah 26:4

We have made it to Maui! This time it is a very different feeling than the other times we have visited the island. This time we keep looking at each other saying, “I can’t believe we are in Maui and that we never have to leave.”

We have less than 2 weeks to find a place to live. As a neurotic, extremely prepared and organized type, this is scary. The possibility of not knowing where you are going to live a week from today would most likely be stressful to any type of person. We have been browsing Craigslist for the past 3 months. However, places go quickly and very few allow pets. Only in the last couple weeks have we started actually contacting people.

I experienced my first ounce of discrimination here on Maui. At least I think so. We have been emailing a landlord who has been listing what we think could be our dream place. It is upcountry, out of the way, up dirt roads requiring AWD and has an amazing view of the ocean. We have emailed this landlord 3 times and have never gotten a response, yet he is still reposting his listing on Craigslist every other day. We decided to conduct a small experiment. Very silly we know, but we had to know why this guy wasn’t emailing us back. Was he not getting our emails (unlikely) or was he blatantly ignoring us because of our last name and because we are coming from the mainland?

He was blatantly ignoring us. We made a fake email from a “Mr. Kama.” Mr. Kama immediately got a response saying the remodeling of the cabin is almost done and will be available for showing all week!

What I have learned is that I am a very sensitive person, and even though this is a stranger and this stranger could have other reasons for not returning our emails, I still take it personally and was surprised at how offended I felt. On the other hand, I understand discrimination happens all the time. Unfortunately, I have probably been guilty of it myself. It is something we may have to deal with more than once as we assimilate into this culture and this island.

As for finding a place to live, I have to put my trust in God and know that He has a plan for us that will far surpass even our wildest expectations.


Here is why we went through all that effort for this place:

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The Decision

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Mark Twain

We, like many others, had discussed and dreamed about what it would be like to live in an adventurous and exciting place. For us that was the island of Maui. We talked about what we would do there, where we might live and how much better life would be. If we got to the point of “Yes we should just do it!” The next words were a question, “OK! But how?” We said things like, “We could start a business and once we are making tons of money we can move to Maui and run it from over there.” I even thought maybe we were meant to live a life of financial freedom on Maui and I went out to buy the winning lottery ticket. Fast forward to now: as I am writing this I am sitting next to my wife on a plane with a one way ticket to Maui. I have one less dollar in my wallet from that losing lottery ticket, and that business we started, well it is still “in the works.”