Photographers, Pro Surfers & Paddleboarders

There was no mistaking him at the shore break holding the fancy camera in its huge water tech housing, talking story with local spongers and family vacationers alike, and kindly posing for photos with a shaka on his hand. It was Clark Little! As he was leaving I jumped up and drug Mochi with me, building up the courage to go up to him and say hi.

Clark was born in Napa Valley and grew up on Oahu. He became a pro surfer and was known for his skill in surfing Waimea Bay shore break. Though since 2007 he quickly gained notoriety for his amazing shore break wave photos.


I was so happy I got to meet him! Although Mochi was pretty disinterested.


Not only did I get to meet Clark Little, but he was also with Pat Towersey! “Punker Pat” grew up in Newport Beach, CA and became a pro surfer by age 12. He now competes in a lot of paddleboarding races and is known for the selfies he takes while surfing.


It was awesome to be able to meet him too. And take a selfie with him.


And lastly, I met Kai Lenny, who I found out is pretty talented himself. His basic description is “waterman” and he was born and raised on Maui.


It was a great day at Makena.