This past weekend I did my first triathlon on the island of Lana’i.


The start was at Hulopo’e Beach and we walked there in the morning to get set up in the transition area.

IMG_9389 IMG_9408

We had orientation and then walked to the beach for a pule, or prayer.

IMG_9428DSC02178There was a surreal moment just before we were about to start. I snapped back into reality just as they yelled 5 on the 10 second count down. I realized I didn’t have my goggles on so I snapped them into place, the conch shell blew and we were off!

IMG_9429 DSC02204

The 1/2 mile swim went by super fast and I finished it in just over 10 minutes, a PR for me. At first I couldn’t see anything with all the splashing and bubbles but then it started to clear up and I could see the bottom of the ocean the whole time and a few fish.


I ran to the transition area to get ready for the 10 mile bike ride. The moment I stopped at my bike a huge wave of nausea came over me (must have swallowed a bit of salt water during the swim). I put my shoes on, threw my shirt over my head, put my helmet on and forced down as much water as I could.  At that point I was feeling slightly better so I ran my bike out of the transition area, hopped on and started riding.DSC02235

IMG_9431 DSC02247The bike ride was crazy. It was so hot and the first 4 miles were all uphill. A lot of people were walking their bikes up and at first I felt bad for them but then I realized that they could walk their bike up almost as fast as I could ride up. It finally leveled off and the dirt trail began. I got a second wind and a smile spread across my face as I flew down the last 6 miles of fun dirt trail.

I came in for my transition to running the 5K to the finish. It was a lot of rolling hills, and again super hot, but I made it!

DSC02259 DSC02261 DSC02265

It was an awesome and fun experience for my first triathlon.