My whole life I have felt that I was meant to do something different. Not that I was destined for great things or that I would be a famous movie star or musician but that I was going to experience life in a whole different way than most people do. As I got older and had many interactions with different types of people I realized that I was not actually as unique as I thought I was. Everyone I have known personally at some point has revealed to me their longing for adventure. For that moment that forces you to live in the moment. “We should move there!” “Wouldn’t it be fun to just quit our jobs and travel the world for a year.” I was fortunate enough to marry someone just crazy enough to act on those ideas that we say occasionally and dream about often. My wife and I have come to the realization that life is about living simply, helping others and making life an adventure. We decided to sell our house and the majority of our belongings and move to Maui. Ashnbran.com is where we will be documenting our adventures, misadventures and some of the unexpected results of what it is actually like to take the leap and live out a dream.