Breakfast with AshnBran

I love bagels. Honestly, I love any and all bread-like foods. But I had never thought about making bagels myself. I really had no idea at all what the process entailed, so I went directly to Pinterest. There were many recipes, but I went with Peter Reinhart’s recipe because for some reason he sounded important and I think he wrote a book about bread or something. His bagel recipe requires a 2-3 day process which sounds a bit intimidating, but once you read through the directions it doesn’t seem so bad. The bagels are just refrigerated during much of the process.

There aren’t many ingredients involved, which is nice. According to Peter Reinhart, the barley malt is the key to an authentic bagel.ingredientsKneading this dough nearly broke my stand mixer, it was so thick and elasticky. After the proper refrigeration, I attempted to shape my bagels first with the technique most professionals use (rolling out into a rope, then bringing the ends together and sealing by rolling and squeezing), then quickly moved on to the technique used by the average layperson (poking a hole through the center of a ball of dough).shapedI refrigerated the bagels a little over 24 hours. Then came the weirdest part of the recipe. Poaching the bagels.maltpoachAfter poaching, you can top with desired toppings and bake.toppingsmeThey turned out amazing.bagelsonplatechalkbagelsclose

I would definitely recommend this recipe, and I can’t wait to try other variations and flavors.




  1. Caryn   •  

    Those look amazing!! Those are macadamia nuts and not onions on the everything right??/ I love your shelves too. They change with the times and the pics are great. Is that a bottle of vanilla bean paste in the brown bottle? Is your company there yet to share in your bagel eating???? Have fun!!!

    • A&B   •     Author

      Brandon loves everything bagels so sorry to tell you they are not macnuts! Yes it is our favorite vanilla bean paste. We just found out we can get a 32 oz bottle on Amazon!

  2. Grandma Lori   •  

    Oh Ashley, you have really turned into an amazing cook. Passed me WAY up and I am so proud of you. Hoping to be able to try some of your delicious items when we are there!

    • A&B   •     Author

      Thank you Grandma! You will definitely get to try some of our treats while you are here. It’s coming up so soon!

  3. Lori   •  

    These delicious bagels were my first meal in Kula. Thank you Ashley for this special breakfast.

    • A&B   •     Author

      You’re welcome Lori 🙂 So glad we could enjoy them together and have you here in Maui!

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