Exploring the Pacific Northwest

We planned a little vacation around our SeaWheeze weekend. After flying into Seattle, we explored downtown a bit, then drove into Canada and on to Vancouver for our half marathon. After that, we drove back into Washington and to Anacortes to catch the ferry to San Juan Island.

We met my parents in Seattle.

parentsashwheelAnd walked through Pike Place Market.


And got all stocked up on Chukar Cherries.


I got a little grossed out at the gum wall…


Then up to Canada we went. At the border we stopped at the Peace Arch.

motherWe had a great time participating in the SeaWheeze Half Marathon as shown in Yoga. Run. Party.


Then it was back to Washington and on to Anacortes.


We got in line to catch the ferry to San Juan Island.


I hadn’t realized how many islands there were in the area. It was a fascinating view.


After we docked in Friday Harbor, our first destination was Lime Kiln Point.



This area is known to be one of the best places in the world to watch orcas from land. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any.



It was a bit difficult hiking the day after our half marathon, but the sights were beautiful and well worth the discomfort.


Starting in 1860 lime was produced in this area for 60 years. Lime kilns such as this one were used to fire the limestone to produce lime.


It was time for lunch so we headed over to Roche Harbor.


Apparently their donuts are world famous so of course we had to try them out.


Our accommodations were definitely a highlight of the trip.


It was difficult to find a place to stay on the island, but this place happened to have availability and turned out to be awesome.


Three peaceful lakes surrounded Lakedale Resort.


We stayed in Cabin 1.


Brandon practiced fishing on the shore just behind our cabin.



It was the perfect place for some recovery and relaxation.

bfishingafishingreflectAnd for some dancing in the firelight.

firefire2 fire3Some of the other sights we saw on the island were English Camp and American Camp.

englishIn 1859 the US and Great Britain nearly went to war over a pig that was shot by an American farmer. There was already tension building between the two countries over possession of the San Juan Islands, and so the Pig War crisis began. Both sides agreed to a joint military occupation of the island until ownership of the islands was determined. American soldiers and British Royal Marines remained on the island for 12 years until it was ultimately decided that the islands would be US territory.

americanWe also hiked to a beach near American camp.

beachfamIt was a super fun and memorable trip.



  1. Caryn   •  

    Such a fun trip with a couple of great travel companions!! Only would have been more funner with Mochi and Bella!

    • A&B   •     Author

      They would have liked the dog friendly isle of San Juan!

  2. Caryn   •  

    foh shure!

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