Hiking Lipoa Point

Yesterday after church we were invited on a group hike to Lipoa Point. What better way to spend Sabbath afternoon than in God’s beautiful creation with church ‘ohana? And we are always up for exploring new trails on Maui. There was quite a turnout with ages ranging from 5 to 85.group

We began our hike on the bluffs just past Honolua Bay, the marine conservation popular for snorkeling and known as the best surfing on Maui.bayCan you spot the surfers?surf

The weather was perfect. Sunny, blue skies and a breeze to keep us cool.walkingwalk

The views of the rugged coastline were amazing.coast0coastcoast2coast3coast1

It was a perfect way to spend the Sabbath day.



  1. Caryn   •  

    The blond lady in the straw hat looks like the one we met when we were there at church. Are she and her husband building a house there? Looks like a beautiful hike. Much prettier than the Las Vegas strip where we were!!!

    • A&B   •     Author

      I’m not sure, but she’s the one that always does the children’s story.

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