Maui Sportfishing

The day started out early.


Our lunches were packed and we were ready for the sea.


At the harbor by 2:30 am to meet the crew who had already gone out to get bait fish around midnight.


We boarded the No Problem with our 2 co-captains, another father and son-in-law from San Diego and a couple from Tahoe.


And we were off.


After making our way out of Lahaina harbor we headed southwest for about 40 miles until we were off the coast near Kaupo. I had been on boats before and had usually felt fine on the water. I was really excited and wasn’t too worried about getting sick. I even took some all natural motion sickness medicine before the trip. It was dark and there was going to be some rough water where we were heading so we all had to stay in the cabin on the trip over.

It took about two and a half hours to get to our first fishing spot. The entire time I kept feeling more and more queasy, telling myself if I can just make it until the sun comes up and we start fishing I will be ok. At our first stop it was still dark. The captain came down and asked how everyone was doing. I looked at him tilting my hand side to side with a ‘not so good’ look on my face. I knew I was at the point of no return. I stood up, walked past him, leaned over the side of the boat and started chumming the water. After my session had finished a wave of relief came over me and I felt great! Was that all that needed to happen!? Would I be fine now for the rest of the trip? Within a minute, my joy and hope were thrown overboard and I watched them sink slowly but surely down to the bottom of the ocean. The queasiness came back full force.

After about 15 minutes of fishing they soon realized that we weren’t going to have any luck here and it was time to move on to the next spot. It was still fairly dark and the water was pretty rough so they had everyone get back in the cabin. I was glued to the edge of the boat though. I physically could not move from where I had planted my feet and secured two death grips to the side of the boat.  Thankfully I think they realized this and let me stay there. The ride over was pretty rough and probably lasted about 20 minutes. I was soaked head to toe twice from the splash of waves coming over the side of the boat.


The sun was just rising out of the water, I had just finished my 3rd session of chumming the water and the fishing had begun. There wasn’t much action at the beginning besides the boat being tossed around by the water while the captain tried to control the boat with one hand and fish with the other. Finally after my 4th session I must have chummed the water enough to attract some fish. From the corner of my eye (I was still glued to my original spot, still unable to move) I saw Kevin reeling in an ahi! Soon the ahis where coming in pretty steadily. The captain, sitting up in the tower, was yelling excitedly about someone’s fish gushing blood and how it was attracting bigger fish! Next thing I hear is that there is a shark swimming around and the captain starts yelling, “You gotta start reeling that thing a lot faster! This shark will get that fish in a heart beat!” Then he starts hootin’ and hollerin’ about something else and throws a handful of pennies on the deck. This is all while navigating the boat through some fairly rough water and a strong current.


We were finally wrapping up and I had just finished my 6th session when we hooked another ahi and the captain asked if I wanted to reel this last one in. I decided I would use the 60 seconds of not feeling too horrible that came after each chumming session to reel in the last fish. I peeled away my stiffened fingers from the side of the boat and with my last ounce of both mental and physical energy I reeled the ahi in!


We were headed back and going pretty fast when all the sudden we hooked an ono! The prized catch of the day.


The captain skillfully filleted the fish for us right there on the boat.


And we had plenty of freshly caught ahi and ono to grill for dinner!




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  1. Caryn   •  

    Kevin says “Thank you SO much for the BD fishing trip. It was awesome for me and my little ear patch! It was great spending the day with Brandon, but I really wish he had felt better. Who knows, we may not have caught any Ahi if it wasn’t for all that chumming going on. An unforgettable trip in the Hawaiian islands for sure. Next time we will all patch up before getting on the boat!

    Entertaining post Brandon. Good job!

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