A New Side of Maui

It has been an exceptionally windy weekend on Maui. The weather advisory warned of gusts up to 65 mph, so naturally we decided to explore the windward side of the island.

Our destination was the Waihee Ridge Trail.Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.12.10 PM

After driving through Wailuku, we meandered along a part of the coastline we had never seen before.coastlinecoast

Nearly missing our turn, we spotted the small sign for the Waihee Ridge Trail.sign

And drove up to the trailhead.trailhead

The trail begins with a steep, paved pathway.steepbehind

The amazing thing we have found about Maui is that each new area we explore is completely unique from other parts of the island. Waihee proved to be no different.trailtreeswalkingupfallsridgesvalleybmcattlefenceNWNE2moundtrees2trail2amswirlyA creepy crawler!

At the top!topThe hike turned out to be just over 4 miles long. Although the trail was steep, and muddy and slippery at times, it was a fun hike and an awesome experience to see this part of Maui for the first time.3


A Day in Hana

We spent the day in Hana with our friend Michael today.falls

After driving the famous road to Hana, we began with a hike up to Waimoku Falls.banyanbridgebamboowaimoku2atfalls

Then hiked down to Ohe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools).oheooheo-ocean

Refueled at Pranee’s Thai food.pranee

Explored Waianapanapa State Park.cave3waianapanapa2

Played in the water at Hamoa beach.hamoa

And enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and a beautiful sunset on the drive home.haleakalapano0sunset1sunset2sunsetsunset