Sunday Drive

We read about the drive around the west Maui mountains and kept hearing how beautiful it is. Some call it the “road to Hana of west Maui” and even say it’s better than the drive to Hana. The only downside is the 1 1/2 mile stretch of extremely narrow road and the other 2 mile stretch of narrowish road. This part of the drive is so narrow that if two cars come head to head, one of them must put it in reverse and back up until they come to the first tiny turnout they can find so that the other car can squeeze by. Brandon was a bit worried by this description we read, but I really wanted to try this Julia’s banana bread that the guidebook touted as “the best banana bread on the planet.” So we took a Sunday drive and discovered even more beauty and yummy treats on Maui.Screen-Shot-2014-04-13-at-5.38Our first stop was the Nakalele Blowhole.nakaleleIn the parking area was an intriguing sign advertising free samples of several delicious sounding treats, perfect for us to snack on during our long drive. The coconut candy was truly amazing and definitely addictive. It was gone before we hit the halfway point of our drive.coconutcandyNext was the Ohai trail.ashwalkThis was a fun little 1.2 mile loop with excellent views and our first glimpse of Kahakuloa Head (my favorite part of the trip) in the distance.ohai4

ohaimapNext was the Olivine Pools. Supposedly a wonderful place to take a dip, the pools were neat, but the wild wind and crashing waves made them seem not so inviting for a swim.olivine4Then came the very narrow road. It was good timing because we could see pretty far ahead of us a Jeep backing up, so we just found a turnout and waited. Once the car went around the Jeep and passed us we were able to make it almost all the way to the end until we encountered a rental car who backed up for us to pass. Phew! I’m glad Brandon was driving. One of our friends from church said she once drove that road when she was learning to drive and had to reverse almost a mile.

Once we survived the road we descended into the cute, little town of Kahakuloa, home of Julia’s banana bread.juliasignjulias It was simple, classic banana bread, and I have to say it was quite delicious.bbanana

Our Sunday drive was so much fun. We all had an awesome time. Mochi even learned how to roll the window down himself.mochiwindow

It’s always exciting to experience new places and this is one we will definitely return to, even if it’s only for the coconut candy and banana bread.



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    Best movie I’ve seen in months.

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      Wow, thanks Unk!

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