Yoga. Run. Party.

SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon & Sunset Festival


Vancouver, BC

SeaWheeze was so much fun that I am still giddy while reminiscing about it a week later. It wasn’t just the half marathon, but the entire experience starting with the packet pick-up and crazy line for the SeaWheeze store to the blissology yoga and amazingly fun party with Capital Cities at the Sunset Festival. Of course, the half marathon was awesome too. It was a fun and beautiful course through the city and Stanley Park with lots of cheer stations and entertainment to keep us going to the finish line!

Day 1: Packet Pick-up & SeaWheeze Store

6:50 am apparently was not early enough to arrive for the 7am opening.

pickuplineThe line wrapped all the way around the giant Vancouver Convention Centre. Shoppers began lining up as early as 4am that morning in anticipation of the 22,000 square feet of lululemon’s exclusive SeaWheeze merchandise sold only that day. Luckily my parents were able to hold our place in the store line while we picked up our packets inside.

pickuppickupmeThey were doing some crazy yoga to entertain us while we waited in line.

pickupyogaAfter an hour of waiting we rushed into the SeaWheeze store.

storeClothes were flying off the racks and shelves as soon as they were restocked, people were on the floor surrounded by piles of items, and both men and women were stripping down in the middle of the room trying on garments. It was pretty crazy, but they had lots of fun stuff!store2

Outside the store was a complete assortment of amenities for race participants, including cold brewed coffee and electrolyte drink samples, a tattoo station (temporary, of course), an area to get your hair did by a professional stylist, a place for your nails to be painted, and even a station for men where they could get their hair cut or beards trimmed–all complimentary for SeaWheeze participants.


It was an awesome way to kick off the race weekend.



Day 2: Race Day & Sunset Festival


We arrived early and stayed warm inside the convention centre.


Then we began gathering in our corrals.


There were 10,015 runners.

10501811_436822179791986_7744177217900301461_nAnd we were all ready to go!


A race photographer happened to get this shot of us taking off at the start.


Brandon has been dealing with a knee injury for the last few months and wasn’t able to train for the race. He planned to stay with me for the first 3 miles and then drop out and walk straight to the end to see me finish.10629674_436822426458628_551084089525845258_nHe ended up staying with me all the way to the end of the Burrard Street Bridge which was about 5.5 miles in! However, at that point he really had no idea where he was and didn’t want to get lost so he decided to stay on the race course and run/walk the rest.

cheer2muscleMy parents were waiting for me to run by at Muscle Beach when a good friend of ours who we hadn’t seen in years happened to run past my mom and recognize her. He even ran back to give her a big, sweaty hug.

shaneI turned the corner and spotted my mom but she was looking the other way waving at someone. I yelled, “Mom! Moooom!” And she saw me pass just in time. My dad snapped this shot of me right around the 8 mile mark.

cheer2Then began the gorgeous seawall at Stanley Park.


The final cheer station was at the 11 mile mark and my parents were there to cheer me on.

cheer3As I drew near the finish line I searched for familiar faces but didn’t see anyone. Unfortunately my parents didn’t make it back fast enough and were still on the shuttle from the cheer station. Since I didn’t know Brandon was still running the race behind me I was confused when I couldn’t find him at the finish and worried he was somewhere lost in the city.

Finally, my cheer team arrived.


And then we found Brandon! I was so proud of him for finishing the race.



We did it! All 13.1 miles.


That evening we were ready to do some yoga at the Sunset Festival.

festivalyogapanoEoin Finn was there to lead out in blissology yoga. It was the most enjoyable yoga session we have ever participated in and probably the neatest environment.

festivalyoga210559859_436821676458703_4278127608329110159_nAfter that we were able to catch up with our friend Shane.


Then there was Capital Cities.

capital3One of the most fun shows we have ever been to.

capital2capitalI soaked in every moment and will hold onto the memories we made here in Vancouver for a long time to come.



  1. caryn   •  

    It was SO much fun sharing the trip to Vancouver with you guys! You should have mentioned in your blog all the extra miles you walked in town in addition to the race. You could probably have said that you did a full marathon by the time we left!

    • A&B   •     Author

      Thanks for coming and cheering me on to the finish!

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  3. Auntie Lisa   •  

    Thank you for sharing your story! Between the pictures and your narrative, I feel like I was there. 🙂

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